dont get me wrong im prob gonna add my friends on ttr ( tom, fiery etc ) im just not gonna touch this tag with a 564865847 ft pole


when i first joined this tag i thought everyone was super cool??? but this tag just turned out to be like 99% trash


idk why im so shocked i never even glimpse at this tag for more than like??? two times every 3 months i should have expected to come back to fighting

why are people joking about triggers what the hell is happening

idk what exactly is happening to the tag and i really couldnt care less about it but im just sort of just here like i usually am like

Are you the same person as ladybug pedal boob or am I just really dumb like you seem real familiar

omg no im not her

im probably like distantly familiar bc i used to post in this tag A LOT and a lot of ppl reblogged me i was a new but cool kid but now i never post in this tag anymore bc i kinda got sick of it and sick of the people in it and the fact that toontown is gone also turned me away from it so yeah the chances of me ever blogging like that again are slim but no im not ladybug pedal boob sorry!!

i still have the toontown and the toontown spoofer icons on my computer and sometimes i just look at them for a few minutes and cry



so is toontown rewritten out yet??? 




toon valley

so is toontown rewritten out yet???